25 October 2010

Letter of Recomendation

It is always a pleasure to teach a bright and talented set of students. Having known **** for the past one and a half years, he definitely belongs to the best of that lot. **** a final year student of the undergraduate engineering program in Electronics and Communication, has been my student for the “Electronic System Design Laboratory” and the “Modern Television and Video Engineering” courses of his undergraduate study.

I am of the opinion that for any student to be successful in a laboratory design course, one must have a strong understanding of the basics of circuit theory complemented by a good theoretical knowledge of numerous subjects including digital electronics. ***** satisfies both these criterion as during the course of his study I have noticed in him a passion to experiment with new ideas and design circuits using simple components. It was under my tutelage that he designed a programmable water level controller using a process controller timer circuit. The circuit was commended for its compatibility and simplicity in design. His academic performance is good and he rates well within the top 10% of his class.

****** has also taken keen interest in the national level tech fest organized by our college. Apart from being a member of the core committee he was also the event coordinator for the circuit design and the general quiz. The circuit design event was widely appreciated for having posed design tasks using laboratory level electronic components to design circuits for practical purposes.

******* has always shown himself to be an inquisitive student with an admirable appetite for research. He has good knowledge of the subject and is not afraid to innovate when the situation demands. It is this factor, together with the strong liking he has for the field of microelectronics, which I think will make him a highly successful graduate student. I strongly recommend him to be admitted in your institution with full financial aid.